Features & Benefits

Key Features of the ScanIt Parts system

  • Complete integration of:
    • GM Shipments and Invoices
    • Ford Shipments and Invoices
    • Honda/Acura Shipments and Invoices
    • Chrysler Shipments and Invoices
    • VW/Audi Shipments and Invoices
    • Mercedes-Benz/Smart Shipments and Invoices
    • BMW Shipments and Invoices
    • KIA Shipments and Invoices
    • Mitsubishi Shipments and Invoices
    • Infiniti Shipments and Invoices
    • Volvo Shipments and Invoices
  • Scanner and printer operate wireless
  • Scanned parts automatically post into DMS
  • Ability to do real-time bin checks
  • Physical Inventory
  • Cycle/Perpetual Inventory counts
  • Automatically print special order labels from scanner
  • Process Invoice Reconciliation
  • Over / Short Discrepancy Analysis
  • Scan multiple makes - list of makes that we scan
  • Scan either part number or superseded part number (PNC)
  • Ability to create barcode labels for any part number from scanner or computer
  • Print bin labels individually or as a batch
  • Auto Conversion from ACDelco to GM Part number
  • Auto Conversion from Motorcraft to Ford Part number
  • Auto Conversion for Honda Short Code to Honda Long part number
  • All labels can be fully customized, including adding logos and increasing font size
  • Supports unlimited number of scanners, increasing speed and efficiency
  • Update bin locations in real-time
  • Create a return list of parts
  • Scanner and printer are the same unit, reducing equipment
  • Ability to do part inquiry on any part in inventory

Benefits of ScanIt Parts

  • Monarch scanner and printer built as one-piece, eliminating cables
  • Accelerated parts check-in
  • Increase parts department productivity by 50%
  • Reduce human error and increase efficiency
  • Better inventory control
  • Scanner and printer use same battery, reducing equipment
  • Scanner has color screen for easy to use functionality
  • Parts are in inventory quicker, producing better customer service
  • Notified of missed shipments
  • All reports can be exported to Excel
  • All reports are color coded for easy reading
  • History of scanned parts is kept in database for 18 months (user settable option)
  • Automatic backup of database occurs on the PC every night - insuring no data loss
  • Runs Windows CE OS for reduced IT support

"The ScanIt Parts system is a must in order for the dealership to control inventory, reduce costs, and stay competitive."

J. W.
Parts Manager
Classic Chevrolet

Get a closer look of ScanIt Parts by viewing our online demo.