Receive Parts

This mode is used to receive parts in your inventory. Used with the DMS, Interact imports parts scanned or entered into your inventory.

Using Receive Mode

Step 1. At the Main Menu, press 1 and then Enter.



Step 2. You will be prompted for a Part #, scan the barcode for the part, or type the part number using the on-screen keyboard and press Enter.

NOTE: When typing the part number, special characters (such as !, #, -, spaces, etc.) are not needed.



Step 3. The scanner may ask for Control #, Shipment # or Quantity after scanning.

Step 4. If the scanner prints a label automatically then you may have Print Mode turned on, or it's a Special Order.


Hot Keys

Step 1. Press the HOT KEY button to get to the Hot Key Menu.

Step 2. Select one of the following options:

          • Print Label

          • Turn Print Mode ON

          • Turn Single Mode ON

          • New Default Ship #

          • Bin Change



Print Label

Will bring up a list of labels that can be printed, and will print the selected label.

Turn Print Mode On

Print a label for each part scanned. See Print Mode.

Turn Single Mode On

Enters a quantity of 1 for each part scanned. See Single Mode.

New Default Ship #

Assign a shipment number for the next part scanned.
NOTE: This will OVERWRITE any shipment information automatically pulled from the manufacturer.



Bin Change

Change the bin for the last part scanned.