This mode is used as a way to maintain and count inventory by bin location.

Since ScanIt Parts on the computer syncs up the inventory in the morning, all changes to the inventory that are done throughout the day (receiving and selling) will change the inventory's on hand quantity. Because of this, it is important to re-pull inventory before starting a perpetual inventory.

Perpetual Inventory DOES NOT update the quantity on the DMS, it is just a way to do a comparison before hand.

Using Perpetual Inventory

Step 1. At the Main Menu, press 4 and then Enter.



Step 2. Enter the bin location you are going to take inventory of.

Step 3. Begin scanning parts. The default quantity that will be entered for each part is 1.




Hot Keys

Step 1. Press the HOT KEY button to get to the Hot Key Menu.

Step 2. Select one of the following options:

          • Print Label

          • Change Bin Location

          • Turn Print Mode ON

          • Turn Count Mode ON

          • Set New Bin

          • Enter Quantity



Print Label

Will bring up a list of labels that can be printed, and will print the selected label.

Change Bin Location

Enter the next bin location, and begin scanning parts for that bin.

Turn Print Mode On

Print a label for each part scanned. See Print Mode.

Turn Count Mode On

Prompts the operator to enter a quantity after each part is scanned. See Count Mode.

Set New Bin

Will prompt the user to change the bin location of the last part scanned to the bin being inventoried.

Press Y for Yes, or N for No, then Enter.



Enter Quantity

Prompts the user for a quantity that will REPLACE the total quantity of the last part scanned.