Order Status

This report lists out all parts and their shipping status.  You can view all statuses, backorders, canceled or referred parts.



Step 1. Select one of the following:
          Order Date: enter the date(s)
          Part #: enter the part number
          Control #: enter the control number
          The optional four choices are:
                    Display Error Details: displays posting error descriptions, such as "Can't post canceled special orders" and "Part # has no empty order types".
                    Just Posting Failures: displays all posting errors.
                    Display Status Info: displays the manufacturer order status (when available).
                    Display Shipped Parts: displays shipped parts.

Step 2. The Order Status drop-down gives you the following options:
          • All
          • Billed/Shipped
          • Reviewed
          • Discontinued
          • Backorders
          • Referred