This report graphs the parts scanned by different employees or scanners.  The information can be displayed as a bar graph or pie chart.



Step 1. Enter the Scanned Date(s).
          Show Legend: displays a description next to the graph.
          Show Percentages: displays percentages/values.
          3D: displays the graph in 3 dimensions.

Step 2. Select your Graph Choice from the drop-down menu:
          • Average Scans
          • Percent Scanned
          • Total Scanned

Step 3. Graph From allows you to choose a User ID or IP Address:
          User ID: displays the employee ID who scanned the parts
          IP Address: displays the scanner which was used to scan the parts

Note: Graph button: displays information in graph form.

Once the graph is displayed:
          Back: returns to the previous screen.
          Zoom: displays the graph as a larger image.          
          Copy to Clipboard: copies the graph for printing or to use in other reports.