Chapter 4: Interact

The Interact program must be running on the ScanIt Parts PC in order for ScanIt Parts to operate properly and keep your DMS up-to-date.
          • Interact automatically posts every scanned part into your DMS.
          • The ScanIt Parts software will import and export the following data from your DMS:

All orders (Purchase Orders, Stock Orders, and Daily Orders)



Step 1. To open the Interact program on the ScanIt Parts PC, double-click the ScanIt Parts icon on your desktop.  The Main Menu displays.


Step 2. Select the Interact icon and the dialog box shown below will be displayed.


Step 3. ScanIt Parts is now ready to begin receiving scanned parts.  If the ScanIt Parts PC is shut down or restarted for any reason, repeat this process to launch the Interact program again.


Step 4. Shipment status for GM and Honda dealers should be retrieved from the manufacturer on a daily basis.


Step 5. Interact should NOT be turned off at night.  The ScanIt Parts program will pull open orders and inventory on a nightly basis.



As parts are scanned they are automatically entered into your DMS.  Interact’s status is shown below:

          ON: If the Interact feature is turned on in the middle of scanning or when you have finished scanning the parts, the program will attempt to post all previously scanned parts.

          OFF: If the Interact feature is turned off while trying to scan parts, nothing will post against your inventory.


All interactions between ScanIt Parts and your DMS go through Interact.  Some of the features of Interact are:

          • Reading inventory

          • Posting of scanned parts

          • Retrieval of open orders


Interact also runs the following daily maintenance:

          • Moves open orders, that have been received, to history

          • Deletes history after 18 months



Advanced Options

By default, Interact pulls open orders and inventory automatically.  You can perform the following functions manually by selecting Advanced:




Pull Open Orders

Pulls all of your open orders from your DMS.  If your nightly pull did not happen automatically, select this.

Invoice Reconcile

Select this option to run invoice reconciliation.  This is required to print the invoice reports.

Pull Inventory

Pulls inventory information for physical scanning.

Pull Lookup

Pulls the latest ACDelco or Ford MotorCraft part numbers.


Attempts to repost all parts that failed to post within a specific date range.  The Re-post button will default to the same day.