General Questions

Q:          Where can I purchase labels for the scanners?

A:          Labels are purchased directly through ScanIt.

On the web:

Call (810) 695-9332, press 3 – Supplies

Q:          How does this system interface with our DMS?

A:          The ScanIt Parts System uses the dealership’s standard Ethernet network.  All communication is done on the existing dealership network.

Q:          What information is scanned into my DMS?

A:          Parts scanned at the receiving dock are automatically receipted into your DMS under a control #.  The information receipted is generally part #, order #, and control #, bin information and quantity.

Q:          What information needs to be keyed manually?

A:          None, unless the barcode will not scan.  If for some reason the barcode will not scan, you can always manually type the part # using the scanner’s keypad.

Q:          What do I do if an error occurs on the ScanIt Parts program?

A:          Restart the ScanIt Parts computer and see if the error happens again.  If the error occurs again, please contact us at (810) 695-9332 and press 1 for technical support.

Q:          What hardware is involved in an installation?

A:          There are three components:

PC Server: can be running Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Access Point with antenna: uses wireless frequency of 802.11 B/G/N

Scanner: wireless card communicates via radio frequency

Q:          Are there any firewalls incorporated into the ScanIt Parts System when there are multiple access points?

A:          The access point installed at the dealership connects to the main ScanIt Parts PC using standard Ethernet cabling and uses the TCP/IP protocol.  Because this is a standard network connection, security techniques, including a firewall, can be used to protect the transfer within and outside a dealership; however, the ScanIt Parts System does not automatically use any.

Q:          Will the ScanIt Parts System handle an inventory consisting of 100,000 part numbers?

A:          Yes.  The System was designed from the start to handle very large inventories.

Q:          My warehouse is 100,000 square feet and has many girders and support posts.  Will the system have trouble transmitting and receiving in this environment?

A:          No.  However, for a 100,000 square foot warehouse, you may need to purchase multiple antennas to get complete wireless coverage.

Q:          How far from the access point can the scanner operate?

A:          The scanner will communicate approximately 500 ft. from an access point (this is radius coverage).  If multiple access points are added, the access points will automatically overlap coverage without any special setup.

Q:          How many scanners are supported by the ScanIt Parts System?

A:          The total number of scanners the ScanIt Parts System will support is 254.

Q:          If I have more than one scanner, can I “overload” the system by having multiple scanners scanning?

A:          No.  You will never be able to “overload” the system because of multiple scanners. 

Q:          How can I improve the speed and stability of the ScanIt Parts system?

A:          The ScanIt Parts System is PC based, things that will improve the system are increased memory (RAM) and increased storage space.

Q:          Can specific dealer personnel access the ScanIt Parts System data from outside of the dealership?

A:          Yes.  The ScanIt Parts System runs on a standard PC configuration.  You can run the software at the main parts department or a location elsewhere.  Again, the ScanIt Parts software communicates through a basic Internet or LAN connection.