Q:          My part # uses spaces and/or dashes.  If I have to type in the part #, do I type the part number with dashes or spaces?

A:          No.  Dashes, spaces, # signs or any special characters are not typed into the scanner.  Type the part number and press Enter;the system will automatically find the part # if it is on order. 

Q:          What happens if someone tries to scan the same part more than once?

A:          If the part is only on one open order, the ScanIt Parts System will notify the user that the part number is fully scanned.  If the part is on multiple open orders, the ScanIt Parts program will prompt the user for a control number.

Q:          I’m in the middle of scanning and my scanner goes black

A:          Try putting in a freshly charged battery.  If this does not solve the problem, call us at (810) 695-9332 and press 1 for technical support.

Q:          The parts I scan are not posting into my DMS

A:          If a part does not post into your DMS, check the following:

Is Interact on?

Is the part number on order in your DMS?

Is the quantity you have different from the one in your DMS?

Is the control number wrong?

Q:          I turn the scanner on and the screen says “ScanIt Parts Touch Screen to Connect”

A:          This is normal.  When you see the message, touch the screen and the scanner will connect to the server.  After you have made your connection, you will be prompted with a menu.

Q:          Scanner will not detect a wireless connection

A:          The scanner is either too far from the access point or the access point may have lost power.  Check the access point to see if there are lights on the unit.

Q:          When the scanner sits idle for a few minutes and I go back to using it, it is disconnected.

A:          The network card on your computer probably has power-save mode enabled.  Go to the settings of the network card and turn off the box where it says, “Allow Windows to turn this device off to save power”.  If the problem persists, please contact us at (810) 695-9332 and press 1 for technical support.

Q:          An error saying ‘This gun is not in the equipment list’

A:          In the ScanIt Parts System, go to the Main Menu, then Settings, then the Equipment tab.  The scanner's information needs to be added to the equipment list.  Select Add and enter the settings for that scanner; you will then need to reboot your ScanIt Parts PC.  If the scanner is already in the equipment list, check all of the properties of that scanner to see if they match the scanner you are holding by selecting Edit.

Q:          The scanner is displaying a red battery level.

A:          The battery may not be fully charged.  When charging the battery, it needs to be inserted fully into the charger (it should snap into place).  If the battery reads as fully charged in less than an hour, please contact us at (810) 695-9332 and press 1 for technical support.

Q:          Scanner message says “Nightly orders pull did not run.  Some parts may not scan.  Please contact your system administrator”.

A:          If Interact is turned off, nightly orders did not pull.  On the main ScanIt Parts PC go to the Interact screen, select Advanced and Pull Open Orders.  If you are not able to access the main ScanIt Parts PC, you can pull open orders through a client computer.  From the Main Menu, go to Settings, then Interact Data Pulls, and select Pull Open Orders.  Interact and the computer need to be “on” at all times.