Scanner screens

Scanner Screen Icons and Buttons

Step 2.          When prompted, touch the screen to connect.


Step 3.          The Main Menu will display.


Step 4.          Using the scanner keypad, select an option from the Main Menu by typing the menu number followed by the Enter key.



On the right side of the screen are three icons:

The first icon is the Battery Meter.

This displays how much battery life is left for the scanner before it requires recharging.

If the battery is too low it displays red.  Recharging is necessary.

The middle icon is the Volume icon.

If the volume is turned off, the icon is displayed with a red X.


The bottom icon is the Wireless Signal Strength indicator.

Depending on the signal strength, the icon displays up to four bars for full strength.

If no signal is detected, the icon is displayed with a red X.


The Control button  can be used to enter shortcuts.

The Shift button  displays special characters for input:

Press once to display special characters.

Press a second time to go back to alpha characters.

The Hot Key button  displays additional shortcuts.

The Escape button  returns the scanner to the previous menu screen.

The More button  displays additional scanner menus:


Scanner Menu

The Scanner Menu provides access to scanner settings and maintenance tools.


Scanner Settings

Scanner Settings displays the IP Address for the ScanIt Parts Main PC.


Maintenance takes you to the Windows screen.  Wireless profile or IP configurations are done through here.

Return to Scanner

Return to Scanner exits the Scanner Menu and returns to the Main Menu.