Loading the labels

Loading Monarch 6039 Labels

Note: Labels loaded incorrectly may cause printing problems, display issues, or drain batteries.


Step 1. To open the supply cover on the scanner, push in the yellow latch buttons located on both sides and lift up.

Step 2. Using the spring-loaded supply holders inside of the unit, separate the supply holders to give you enough space to fit the roll of labels securely inside.

Step 3. The labels feed out of the bottom front of the unit.


Step 4. Peel and discard the first four inches or so of labels from the backing paper.

Step 5. On the front of the scanner is a black plastic deflector that clips to the unit.  Gently push down on the deflector (fig 1) and pull it down and away from the scanner (fig 2).

          Figure 1


          Figure 2


Step 6. Take the end of the labels and feed them under the applicator roller, over the peel bar and under the label deflector.

Important:  Labels must be fed over the silver bar!

          Step 7. Push the label deflector up until it snaps back into place, then close the supply cover.


Step 8. Pull the label backing paper over the guide roller and down to the pinch and feed rollers.


Step 9. Fold the bottom of the backing paper to create a straight edge and hold it between these bottom two rollers while printing a label.

If there is any slack in the paper, pull it down toward the bottom of the handle until the slack is gone.

The labels will print and dispense over the label deflector while the backing is fed under the label deflector.

Note:  If the labels dispense, but do not print or only partially print, check that the supply cover is latched all the way down.