Shelf Tags

You can select data for your shelf tags by part #, bin location, or group code.


Step 1.          Select Bin Printing from the Main Menu.


Step 2.          Select Print Shelf Tags.



Step 3.          Select Next.



Step 4.          Select a label style.


Note:          You can preview the label styles by selecting one.  The label is displayed to the right and describes the information printed on that label style.


Step 5.          Once you choose a style, select Next.



Step 6.          In the Selection Criteria screen, you can choose to print between specific part numbers, bin locations or group codes.


Note:          The values entered result in the list being restricted to those values, as well as all numbers in between.


Example: If you specify the value Between Part #’s 15766462 and 22137122 the part number displayed will match those two values and any part numbers that fall in between.


Step 7.          Select Next.



Step 8.          In the Selections Options screen, choose one of the following:

Normal Selecting – All parts within the selection criteria.

Changed Bin Locations – All parts that have had bin locations changed since your last inventory pull and are within the selection criteria.

Changed Parts – All parts that have been changed since your last inventory pull and are within the selection criteria.

Step 9.          If you only want to display part numbers that have a quantity on hand, select the checkbox for Select parts with quantities greater than zero.


Step 10.  Choose which order to display the parts in using the Sort By drop-down field.  The choices are:

Bin Location

Bin, Group, Part #

Group Code

Part #


Step 11.  Select Next.


Step 12.  The Summary screen displays all selected criteria.



Note:  If you see any options that are not correct, or you would like to change, select the Back button until you reach that option, change it, then select the Next button until you return to the Summary screen.


Step 13.           When all of the options are correct, select Browse and Print.


Step 14.  The Bin Printing – Browse screen lists the parts that you have selected to print.



Step 15.  Confirm that your selections are correct.


Step 16.  If no, select Close to return to the Summary screen.


Step 17.  If you do not want to print a specific part, select the part and select the Don’t Print button to remove the part from the list.


Step 18.  When you are done reviewing and correcting the list, select the Print button.  The Print dialog box will display.