Labels Settings

This screen allows you to modify the scanner labels.


Step 1.          Select Settings from the Main Menu.


Step 2.          Select the Labels tab.

Step 3.          From the Section drop-down, select which label, when printed from the scanner, you would like to change or modify:


Bin Changes


Other Items

Part Inquiry

Create Part List

Add Lookup



Step 4.          Select Section/Label Name and choose from the following options:



Set selected as Print Mode label - label will print when  scanner print mode is set to ON

New - creates a new blank label

Copy - copies the selected label

Paste - creates a new label based on the last copied label

Edit - opens the selected label to change or modify



 adds a drop-down menu.  Select data such as: part #, control #, etc.

 adds a text box to type any comments or notes.

 adds a barcode when printed from the scanner.

 inserts an image from file, for example: company logo.

 moves between a horizontal and a vertical label.

 deletes any highlighted data.

  You can change/modify the font, size, style and justification.

To adjust the size of the box: select an item, then click on the double-headed arrow and drag.



Save - saves your changes

Cancel -  resets back to the original label


Note:          6037 scanners can only print left justified labels.