Equipment Settings

This screen allows you to add, edit or remove scanner information.


Step 1. Select Settings from the Main Menu.


Step 2. Select the Equipment tab.



          New: adds new equipment

          Remove: deletes scanners from the list



To Add or Edit Scanner


Step 1. Description: drop-down - 6039 scanners are the "MONARCH GUN"


Step 2. IP Address: IP address assigned

Step 3. Printer

          Default: MONARCH - built-in printer on scanner

          • NO PRINTER - will not print

          • A printer installed to the ScanIt Parts PC.


Step 4. Emulation

          IPSVT.Net - 6039/6057 or touch screen scanners

Note: any information may be added, such as date of setup, serial number of scanner, etc.


          Update: saves your changes

          Cancel: does not save any changes and the previous screen will re-open