User Settings

This screen allows you to add, edit and remove users.


Step 1.          Select Settings from the Main Menu.


Step 2.          Select the Users tab.



New - adds a new user

Remove - deletes a user


To Add or Modify a User


Enter the following User Information:

Step 1.          Name - employee's name

Step 2.          User ID - can use random numbers, letters or the employee IDs number

Step 3.          Password - assigned individually to each user

Step 4.          This user can use scanner guns - user must log in on the scanner.

Step 5.          Program Access - allows the user to have access to one or all of the programs listed.


Select All - user’s account will have access to all of the programs.


Step 6.          Selecting Store Name and checking the Access box - user’s account will have access only to the store selected.


Add - saves your changes

Close - does not save any changes and the previous screen will reopen