Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings allows you to change settings for Open Orders, User Access, Interact, and Scanning.


Step 1. Select Settings from the Main Menu.


Step 2. Select the Advanced tab.


Note: All options are set during installation; prior to making any changes, make a note of the original settings.


Automatically Pull Inventory: pulls all your inventory

Post Bin Changes: posts bin changes real-time

Post Order Statuses: posts Answerback Data (if available from manufacturer)

Post Open Orders: posts parts real-time

Post Other Items: posts other items real-time

Primary PDC: your primary distribution center number

Grid Layout

Reset All Grids: resets all grids within the Browse Data table back to default settings

User Access

Scanner Gun Login: requires users to login on scanner

Application Login: requires users to login on PC



Display “Wrong Bin” Error Message: the scanner displays a message when the part scanned in perpetual inventory mode is in the wrong bin location

Perpetual Single Mode: scans only a quantity of 1

Automatically Print Special Order Label: special order labels always print when scanned

Post Receive Qty Greater Than Order Qty: allows scanning and posting of quantities greater than those ordered

Remain in Hotkey Menu after Selection: keeps HotKey Menu on 6039 scanners open after the final selection is pressed


Tools: opens a window allowing you to run various tools for debugging and verifying the ScanIt Parts software


Check for Updates: this feature will notify you when there is an update available.  The ScanIt Parts software can then be upgraded to the most current version.

Select Check Now.


Close the Settings screen.


Re-open the ScanIt Parts Main Menu: if a newer version is available, a screen will appear prompting you to download a current version.  If no screen appears, you have the latest version available.


Close: saves your changes