Bin Labels

Bin Labels

Print Bin Labels allows you to select data to print on your Bin Labels. You can print all Bin Changes or selected between Bin Locations.


Step 1. Select Bin Printing from the Main Menu.


Step 2. Select Print Bin Labels.



Step 3. Select Next.




Step 4. In the Selection Criteria screen, select All Bin Locations or Between Bin Locations.

Note: If you choose All Bin Locations, all bins will display. If you choose Between Bin Locations all bin locations between, and including, the given values will display.


Step 5. Select Next.



Step 6. Select a label style.

Note: You can preview the label styles by selecting one. The label is displayed to the right and describes the information printed on that label style.


Step 7. Once you select a style, click Next.


Step 8. The Summary screen displays all selected criteria.



Note: If you see any options that are not correct, or you would like to change, select the Back button until you reach that option, change it, then select the Next button until you return to the Summary screen.


Step 9. If all of the options are correct, select Browse and Print.


Step 10. The Bin Printing – Browse screen lists the bins that you have selected to print.



Step 11. Confirm that your selections are correct.


Step 12. If no, select Close to return to the Summary screen.


Step 13. If you do not want to print a specific bin, select the bin location and select the Don’t Print button to remove the bin location from the list.


Step 14. When you are done reviewing and correcting the list, select the Print button. The Print dialog box will display.