This feature is used to cross reference the UPC barcode with what the dealership stores as a part number.


Example: If you store a part number in your DMS as ANTI-FREEZE, it will have a UPC barcode on it such as 1234567890.  Set up your lookup table to say anytime you scan 1234567890 it really means ANTI-FREEZE.  This allows any user to pick up the scanner, scan the UPC barcode and ScanIt Parts will convert it to what is stored as the part number.


Step 1. Select Settings from the Main Menu.


Step 2. Select the Lookup tab.



Step 3. Select New to add a new part number or UPC.


Step 4. Select a UPC number from the list and select Edit to make changes.


Step 5. Remove to delete.



Step 6.          Enter or change the following information:
          • Make
          • UPC #
          • Part #

Step 7. To save changes, select Update.


Note: These options function exactly like the Main PC (server).