GM Data

ScanIt Parts automatically communicates with GM Parts Workbench. From here, your data is downloaded from GM, if available, and a date of the last successful data pull will be displayed.  Also, your login information is stored here and will allow you to make any changes.  Get Data has four sections: Dealers, Log In, Downloads and Status.


Note:  If either your username or password is incorrect, no data will be pulled.



The Dealers section allows you to manage your data pulls.  If you should have more than one account through Parts Workbench, Get Data will pull every account every day.



The Add option allows you to enter a new or additional Parts Workbench account number(s).

Step 1. In the Dealers section, select Add.



Step 2. Enter your Dealer #, User Name, and Password.


Note:  You must use the same User Name and Password you use as your login for Parts Workbench.

Step 3. To save changes, select Add.




Remove deletes Parts Workbench account numbers.


Step 1. Select a Dealer # and then select Remove.


Step 2. A confirmation screen will appear. Select Yes to remove or No to cancel.


Log In

The User Name and Password must match a Parts Workbench login.




This section allows you to change any of your GM information such as Dealer #, User Name, or Password.


Step 1. Select a Dealer # from the list if there is more than one listed.


Step 2. Select Change under the Log In section.




Step 3. Make any changes and select Update.




Last Download displays the date and time of the last successful data pull.



Custom Download

The Custom download option allows you to specify a date range to pull your Parts Workbench data.

Step 1. Select the Custom button to pull any of your GM data within the last 30 days.




Step 2. Specify a date range.


Note:          Date ranges must be within the past 30 days and cannot exceed seven days.


Step 3. Download will send your request and close the form.




Download automatically pulls ALL data from GM for the past 7 days.  Wait time for a download may be approximately 5 minutes per Dealer #.


Step 1. Select the Download button.




Step 2. Yes will send your request and close the form.




The Status field displays the progress for a selected Dealer #, the 5 status steps are:
          Starting: the pull has started and will display the Parts Workbench Dealer #
          Downloading: the GM Data is downloading and is in progress
          Download complete: the GM Data has finished pulling
          Done: the download is complete
          Username/Password is incorrect: GM is not accepting the current login information as entered.  You can verify a User Name and password entered through the Parts Workbench website.
Note: If the date and time displayed are not current, the ScanIt Parts System did not communicate with Parts Workbench.  Possible reasons are:
          • User Name or Password may be incorrect.
          • Your Internet was down.
          • Pull times may be earlier than the data was available from GM.



GM Data

Once your GM Data has been downloaded, you can access it through either the Browse table or Reports.


Browse: Downloaded GM data can be found in the following: Open Orders, PNC (Part Number Change), Invoices, and Order Status. 


Reports: Downloaded GM data can be found in the following: Over/Shorts, Shipment Status, Print Packing Slip, Order Status Information, and Invoice Reconciliation.