Misc Menu

The Miscellaneous Menu on the scanner has four features: Other Items, Create Part List, Part Inquiry, and Add Lookup.




Other Items

The Other Items option allows scanning of items into inventory that are not on order.  This feature can be used to scan OEM or Aftermarket parts.


Step 1.          From the Main Menu select 3 (Misc. Menu).


Step 2.          From the Miscellaneous Menu select 1 (Other Items).


Step 3.          At the Batch # prompt, enter the batch # associated with the parts you will be scanning, press ENTER.


Note:  Reusing a batch # deletes the part numbers in the existing batch file.  Maximum number of characters or digits for a batch # is 8.


Step 4.          Enter the Vendor #, press ENTER.


Step 5.          Enter the Order Type, press ENTER.


Step 6.          At the Part # prompt, scan or type the part number for the first Other Item.


Note:  When typing part numbers manually in the scanner, dashes, spaces, # signs, and special characters are not used.