Add Lookup

Add Lookup is used to cross reference the UPC barcode with what the dealership stores as a part number.


Example:  If you store the part number in your DMS as ANTI-FREEZE, it will have a UPC barcode on it such as 1234567890.  Set up your lookup table to say anytime you scan 1234567890 it really means ANTI-FREEZE.  This will allow any user to pick up the scanner; scan the UPC barcode and ScanIt Parts will convert it to what is stored as the part number.


Step 1.          From the Misc Menu select 4 (Add Lookup).



Step 2.  Enter Make Code.


Step 3.  Scan or type the UPC when prompted.


Note:  When typing part numbers manually in the scanner, dashes, spaces, # signs, and special characters are not used.


Step 4.  Enter the Part # exactly the same way it is listed in your inventory.



Hot Keys – Add Lookup



Change Current Make

Step 1.          Select the Hot Key button.


Step 2.          Select the Change Current Make button and enter the new make code.