Chapter 11: End of day

This screen allows you to see the following potential problems that may have happened on a particular day or date range:

All posting errors for the parts scanned in the range of dates selected

Over / Shorts for the range of dates selected

Incomplete shipments grouped by either shipment number or control number

Select End of Day from the Main Menu.



Posting Errors

Posting errors are parts that have been scanned but have not been posted to your inventory.  Select the part number to see an explanation of why the part did not post.


Note:  It is important that you fix the errors otherwise your inventory will not be up to date.  You can also run the Posting Errors report from the Reports menu for additional information.



Over / Shorts

Over and Shorts are order lines that have parts scanned but the scanned quantity does not match the shipped quantity as reported by the manufacturer.


Grouping Over / Shorts

You can view Over / Shorts in two ways:
          • Shipment #: Is the default selection where manufacturer data is applicable
          • Control #: If shipment # is not available.



Incomplete Shipments

A shipment is considered incomplete if there are any parts that have not been scanned and at least one part has been scanned on the shipment.


Select a shipment number to display any discrepancies for that shipment number in the Over / Shorts section of the End of Day screen.


You can run the Shipment Status report from the Reports menu for more detailed shipment status information.


If the shipment number is red instead of black, this indicates that a portion of the shipment was not scanned.



Over / Shorts Section

In the Over/Shorts section, the following is true:
          • If the line is red, the line item is a shortage.
          • If the line is blue, the line item is an overage.

Double-click the line item for more information.


Select the Print button for a print out of your Over / Shorts or you can view the Over / Shorts report from the Reports menu.


Order lines are typically over or short due to an incorrect quantity scanned or entered.  Entries can be corrected using the Adjust program from the Main Menu.




You can run End of Day for a specific range of days instead of the default date of today.


To view a range of days, enter the To and From dates and select the Update button to refresh with the new date range.