The ScanIt Parts System enables you to create and print barcode labels for your parts department while simultaneously managing your parts inventory.

The ScanIt Parts System runs on a PC.  The PC automatically log into your DMS and downloads, all of your open orders, special orders, and inventory for the current day.

Using a wireless hand-held barcode scanner and built-in printer, you scan parts in your receiving area.  Any special order part will automatically print a label with your part number, control number, repair order number, customer name, employee number, bin location and route number.  Any stock part, the information will be displayed on the scanner.  These features reduce the overall time to check in the order because there is no need to reference the packing slip for each part on that particular order.

Once your parts are scanned, your DMS is automatically updated.

Another feature the ScanIt Parts System has can be used to look up part numbers.  For example, if you scan an ACDelco part number, ScanIt Parts will automatically convert the ACDelco number to your assigned GM part number.

Additionally, the ScanIt Parts System produces bin location labels.  This eliminates look up time for the assigned bin location when receipting your parts.

Lastly, the ScanIt Parts System produces a series of reports helping you to determine the status of an order.

There are many, but a few are:

All over/short parts for the day by shipment number (discrepancies only).

All parts scanned, listed by user or by date.

All parts scanned but not posted and why.  Such as part number changes, multi-packs, and part numbers that are not on an open order.

Invoice reconciliation cross checks each part number for discrepancies in price and in quantity.