Chapter 5: Adjustments

Once you have transferred all scanned data to the Physical Inventory PC, you may need to make adjustments to the scanned quantities.


The Scan Inventory screens monitor the progress of your physical inventory by reviewing bin locations that have been scanned and bin locations that have not been touched.


Make any necessary changes or monitor quantities scanned from the Scan Inventory screens.


Note:          A progress summary displays:
          • The total number of parts in your inventory.
          • The total number of parts and percentage of your inventory scanned.
          • The total number of write-in parts.
          • The total number of wrong bins.
          • The total number of pages to post.
          • The total variance over and under.
          • The total pad value.
          • The total scanned value.
          • The difference between total pad value and total scanned value.


Current Variances

The Current Variances screen displays unprinted variances, processed variances and a total of the bins not counted.



Pad Variance List

The Pad Variance List screen displays a list of all parts on the pad created by your DMS, their bin location, pad quantity, scanned quantity and the difference.  



Note:          All verified variances are marked with an asterisk (*).

          Bin: This is the bin location assigned to the part number in your DMS at the time the physical inventory files were created and transferred.

          Part #: This is the part number scanned or typed.

          Pad Qty: This is the part number quantity according to your DMS at the time the physical inventory files were created and transferred.

          Scan Qty: This is the quantity scanned.  If the part was not scanned, the field is blank.

          Difference: This is the difference between the pad quantity and the scanned quantity.  If the part was not scanned, then the field is blank.



Scanned Variance List

The Scanned Variance List screen displays only scanned parts with variances that have not been verified.



Write-In List

The Write-In List screen displays scanned parts that are not listed on the pad from your DMS.




The Bins screen display a list of all scanned bins.



Inventory Options

          Search: enter a specific part number or bin location to find.

          Refresh When Scanner Uploads: refreshes the pad variance every time new data is uploaded to the PC.

          Print Selected Variances: displays the pad variance with the selections you have made.

          Select All: all variances displayed are selected to print or are marked as verified.

Note: To select random part numbers, hold down the CTRL key and highlight to select the part numbers you want.

          Unselect All: Removes selections that were made previously.

          Edit Selected: Select a part number and a window will display to change the scanned quantity.

          Mark Selected Verified: Once you have reviewed and verified the data for the variance, select the variance by either clicking on the line or using the Select All button. 

          Refresh: refreshes the screen for any scanned parts uploaded to the PC from the scanner(s).  This is not necessary if the check box to "Refresh when scanner uploads" is checked.

          Help or F1 key: Launches the help document for reference.

          Back: Takes you back to the previous screen.

          Finish: when you have completed your physical inventory the Finish Inventory screen will display.


If you double-click on a part, the Update Part window will open and you will be able to update the information for that part.


                    Update: saves your changes.

                    Cancel: closes without saving.