Chapter 7: Browse

Chapter 9: Browse

Browse allows the dealership to view/print specific physical inventory information based on the fields available.


          Show Filter: shows/hides the Advanced/Simple Filter box.  This does not clear the filters.

          Print Window: prints the browse data to your designated printer.

          Export: Exports the data to the PC in the form of a spreadsheet.

          Refresh: refreshes the screen to include recently scanned parts.


The following fields display in the Browse program:



Scanned Total

Total scanned for the displayed part number

Qty Difference

Difference between Scanned Total and Pad Qty


Make Code for the displayed part number

Part #

Part Number


Bin location prior to scanning

Pad Qty

Quantity from your DMS displayed on the Pad report

Cost Difference

Qty Difference times Unit Cost

Sheet #

Sheet number the part number is assigned to

Unit Cost

Unit cost of the part number from your DMS

Extended Cost

Pad quantity times the unit cost

Pad Cost

Cost from your DMS displayed on the Pad report

Sorting Options

You have the option to change the sorting sequence of any field in ascending or descending order. 

          Descending: click on the column header once to sort the criteria in the column.

          Ascending: click on the column header again to sort in reverse order.

Move Columns

You can move columns in any order you want, this can make viewing the report easier.

Step 1. Position the cursor on the column heading information field you want to move.  It will show as a bold black arrow.

Step 2. Click and hold the field.

Step 3. Move the field to the column where you want it to appear.

Note:          All the changes to the browse screen columns and headings are saved, with the exception of Filters when the user exits.  Next time the user launches the browse screen, it is exactly the way he/she set it.

Show Filter

Browse displays all parts and bin information from your physical inventory file.  You have the ability to filter the browse display to show more specific information you require using Show Filter.

          Simple: allows you to sort by Make, Part # or Bin (Pad and Scanned).

          Advanced: allows you to sort by Part #, Make or Bin.

Simple Filter


           Filter by Make: all specific make codes associated with your Physical Inventory.

          Part #: enter apart number

          Filter by Bin(Pad and Scanned): enter abin location

          Exact Matching: filters onlythe part number or bin entered.

          No Filter: removes filters from original display for Browse but does not clear any data

          Filter: displays the results.

          Reset: clears all filters

Advanced Filter

You can create multiple filters for the Browse display.


Step 1. Click on the Advanced tab.

Step 2. Filter On displays a list of filters:

          • Part #

          • Make

          • Bin

Step 3. Value (if any required): for the Filter On field you selected.

Step 4. Exact: if the value entered must match exactly.

Step 5. Add Filter: adds the Filter to the Browse display.  The screen changes to reflect the filter.

Note:  Repeat steps 2-5 to add additional filters.

          Remove Last: removes the last filter added.

          Clear Filters: removes all filters.