Creating a Pad in CDK

Step 1.  Go to the INS Screen in CDK.


Step 2.  Select the type of Physical Inventory you will be performing by typing the number 1 and pressing enter.  (For practice runs, type number 2 and enter).



Step 3. Type C to continue with the inventory.



Step 4. Select the sort sequence of the inventory in the pad by typing the number 3 or 6 and pressing enter.



Step 5. Under Choose Selection Criteria, select option 2 to sort the pad by bin selection by typing 2 and pressing enter.



Step 6. Once you have selected to sort the pad by bin selection, you will enter a beginning bin location and an ending bin location.

**Note:  You do NOT need to enter anything in the 2nd Beginning Number, simply hit enter to  move to move past this option.



Step 7.  For the Always Count options, you do not need to enter anything, simply hit enter to bypass both.



Step 8.  For the next four questions fill in the screen as follows:

          • Type N, hit enter.
          • Type Y, hit enter.
          • Type 1, hit enter.
          • Type N, hit enter.


Step 9.  For Go to New Page On, Type 7 and press Enter.



Step 10.  You will then be given a summary of the choices you have just made in CDK.  Type Y, and press enter to create the inventory pad.