Prepare for Physical Inventory


PC Requirements

Active Sync Requirements

Active Sync Installation

Test Scanner Communication with the PC


PC Requirements to do a Physical Inventory

The PC that you use for the Physical Inventory process requires the following:
          • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 Operating System.
          • Latest service packs for the Windows Operating System.
          • One USB port and one USB cable (used for connecting the scanners to the PC).
          • Network connection to your DMS system.
          • A laser printer for printing inventory reports.


Active Sync Requirements

          • Does NOT need to be installed on PCs with Windows Vista or Windows 7 - these operating systems come pre-installed with Active Sync.
          • Active Sync installer will default to a specific location within Microsoft Windows.
          • Downloading of Active Sync automatically puts the latest version on your PC.


Active Sync Installation

Only Operating Systems prior to Windows Vista or Windows 7 need Active Sync installed. 


Step 1. 


Step 2. Install Active Sync, click "Next".



Step 3. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement".



Step 4. Select "Next"


Step 5. Customer Information does not need to be filled out, select "Next".



Step 6. On the Destination Folder screen, click "Next".


Step 7. Select "Install" for Active Sync to download.



Step 8. "Finish" will appear when the Active Sync install has completed.



Step 9. Click "Yes" and the PC will need to be rebooted.