Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:          If I lose battery power or see low battery, do I lose all the information I just scanned?

A:          No, everything is written to disk inside of the scanner unit, nothing is lost.

Q:          How long does it take to download the data to and from the scanner?

A:          40,000 part numbers will take about 10-20 seconds per scanner.

Q:          Does the scanner have the ability to scan Motorcraft (Ford) and/or AC Delco (GM) parts?

A:          Yes, part numbers are converted to a Ford and/or GM part number automatically.

Q:          When I scan a part number can I enter any quantity?

A:          Yes, any quantity is accepted, including 0 (zero).

Q:          When the scanners ask for quantity on the screen, is this total quantity or an added quantity?

A:          Total Quantity - if you scan or type in a quantity of 2 and then later come across another 3, type the total quantity of 5.  The system will not add the quantities together.

Q:          What do I use for a User ID on the scanner gun?

A:          You can use anything to ID yourself, such as employee #, name, or your login ID.  Using employee # is the most common.

Q:          What happens if scanner 1 scans a bin location and then someone else comes along with a different scanner and scans the same bin location?

A:          The PC reports 2 different counts for that bin location.

Q:          Do I have to wait until the end of my physical inventory to run reports?

A:          No, you can run reports anytime from the PC.  There are no restrictions on when or how many times you can run a report.  The reports will reflect new counts and new variances as data is scanned and uploaded.

Q:          Is there a way to view all of the variances for the entire inventory pad?

A:          Yes, the Pad Variance Report displays all variances.

Q:          If I discover a bin location or part number without a barcode, how do I enter it?

A:          Type the part number or bin location into the scanner and press the enter key.

Q:          How long do the batteries last?

A:          About 5-6 hours worth of scanning.  You can change batteries in the middle of scanning, if necessary, and begin where you left off.

Q:          Are part number changes recognized by the scanner?

A:          Yes, if you scan a part number and your DMS has a part number change on file, then both numbers will display on the scanner screen.

Q:          I try logging into the scanner with my user ID but it says I must upload my data first.  What does this mean?

A:          This means that someone else was using that scanner.  To change to a different user ID, you must first sync all the data to the PC.  Once the data has been synced, the scanner is available to change user IDs.

Q:          I scanned the wrong part in the wrong bin and accidentally hit yes.  How do I correct this?

A:          You cannot make any corrections to the scanner, the adjustment needs to be from the PC.

Q:          Can I track who scanned which bin locations?

A:          Yes, there are many reports which will tell you the user ID and which bin locations were scanned.

Q:          How do we handle write-ins?

A:          If you scan a part # that is not part of your inventory, the scanner asks you, "Do you wish to add this part #?"  If you answer yes, the bin location and the part number are recorded as a write-in.  However, this data is not automatically sent to your DMS system.  You must manually add those write-ins.

Q:          Are not counted and a zero count different?

A:          Yes, not counted means that data is not sent to your DMS.  A zero count is updated in your DMS system and has a zero value.

Q:          What if I have the part in multiple bin locations?

A:          You can scan them in each bin location.  When the file is created and sent to your DMS, it has all of the quantities combined into the primary bin location.  However there is a report, called the Multi-Bin location report, which displays all the locations the part was scanned and identifies the bin locations the part number was found in.