Chapter 3: Setting Up Scanner

Transferring Inventory to Scanners: You can perform this function multiple times depending on the number of scanners you are using.  A progress bar will display at the bottom of the Scan Inventory screen, and a message "Waiting for a gun to be attached" appears.



Step 1. Power up the scanner and connect it to the PC USB port using the USB cable provided.


Step 2. "Checking Gun" will display when the system detects the scanner connection.


Step 3. If the scanner screen says "Updating Software" then you will need to wait until the update is finished, disconnect the scanner from the PC, reboot the scanner, and once the software has loaded on the scanner again, you may connect the scanner again to transfer the files necessary for physical inventory.



Step 3. A screen will display on the scanner giving the status of the inventory being transferred.



Step 4. The scanner screen displays "Gun is Ready.  Press Enter to Begin" - the download of inventory has been completed.



Step 5. Disconnect the scanner from the USB cable.

Note: If additional scanners are used for scanning the inventory, repeat steps 1-5.