Chapter 4: Scanning

The following is the process used for scanning during a physical inventory.


Step 1. Press ENTER on the scanner's keypad.


Step 2. At the User ID prompt, type in your User ID and press ENTER from the scanner keypad.



Note: If another User ID used the scanner previously, the following screen displays with the message, "Another user has already used this gun. Please transfer the data to the computer before logging in". Once the data has been uploaded to the computer, the scanner will be ready for a login.



Step 3. At the Bin prompt, type in the Bin location you will begin to scan.



Step 4. Press ENTER. The system validates the Bin location with the inventory that was loaded on the scanner.

Note:          If the Bin is not a valid Bin location, the message "Invalid Bin" displays and re-prompts for a correct bin location.  Only the bin locations that are part of the pad will be accepted or recognized by the scanner. 



Step 5. A Part # prompt displays.  Begin scanning or typing in your part numbers for that bin location.


          • The Count Mode indicator will display at the top right corner of the screen.  This applies if the quantity scanned option is P = By Piece or Q = By Quantity.

          Typing the part number in: you must press ENTER on the scanner for the part number to post. 

          Scanning: does not require the ENTER key pressed and will post automatically.


Note: If a scanned part number is not recognized in your inventory pad/list that you created, a message displays, "Is Not Found.  Do you wish to add?". 

          Yes adds the part number to your scanned inventory as a write-in.  The system will assign a bin location to the part number you are scanning.



Step 6. After a part number is scanned, the following is displayed on the scanner:


          • The entry in the Last field is the last part number scanned with the make prefix displayed. 

          • The Description of the part number.

          • The Total Count scanned.


Step 7. If the scanner setting was set to Dynamic, you can change the count of a scanned item.  After the item is scanned, tap the Hot Key button on the scanner.  The Hot Key Menu displays the following options:


          Count by Quantity: can be changed to count By Piece if the part number(s) scanned are to be counted by packaging quantity or by piece quantity. See Quantity Mode.

          Set Quantity: changes the quantity scanned for the last part number scanned.  When selected the screen will prompt for a new count.  Enter the new count for the last part number scanned and press ENTER from the keypad.  The total count changes to the new quantity entered.


Step 8. If the part number is not recognized in the bin, the screen displays the message, "In wrong Bin. Do you wish to add?", select one of the following:


          Yes: adds the part number to that bin.

          No: ignores the scan and leaves the part number as unscanned.


Note: If the part number added is a write-in, it is not transferred to your DMS.  You will need to add these parts manually into your DMS.