Chapter 2: Continuing Inventory

Once you have created your Physical Inventory files, you can close out of the process at any time.  This option allows you to resume the Physical Inventory  at any time.The screen will display the number of parts scanned and their total dollar value.


Note: If the system has detected a physical inventory in progress, the following message will display at the top of the screen:

          "There currently is a Physical Inventory already started, select Continue the Physical Inventory current in-progress to resume the Physical Inventory or select "Start a new Physical Inventory" to start new".


Step 1. Select Continue the Physical Inventory currently in-progress from the main Physical Inventory screen.



Note:          If you select Start a new Physical Inventory, but the system has detected that a physical inventory has already begun, the following warning message will display:


          Yes: clears the existing physical inventory data and creates a new.
          No: does not continue and closes with no changes.


Step 2. Click Next to continue with your saved inventory.