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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. Topics

General Info

None unless the barcode cannot be read.

Yes. The ScanIt Parts system runs on a standard PC configuration using a standard Internet connection or LAN connection.

In your ScanIt Parts program folder, you will find a folder called Backup. Inside this folder is a zipped file that contains all of your ScanIt Parts data. This information is backed up nightly and saved on your computer, and you can make a copy of this zip file at any time and store it wherever you need.


If the part is only on one open order, the ScanIt Parts program will turn the scanner beam off and notify the user that the part has been fully scanned. If the part is on multiple open orders, the ScanIt Parts program will turn the scanner beam off and prompt the user for a control number.

If this occurs then you just need to enter the quantity that is in front of you. To scan parts individually without a quantity prompt, press “Hot Keys” and “Turn Single Mode ON” or “CTRL + Q”. Follow the same key sequence to resume scanning with a quantity prompt.

This will only occur if you have same part number on multiple control numbers.

This is normal. When you see the message you need to press a key, or touch anywhere on the screen to connect to the host computer. After you have made your connection you will be prompted with a menu of choices.

If the part that you scan comes up invalid there are a few different things that could be wrong:

  1. The part number may not be on order. All parts to be scanned must be on order.
  2. You could be scanning an invalid bar code. Type in the part number and press ENTER.

On the PC:

  1. Check that all firewalls are OFF.
  2. Check that the Scanner service is running. Contact us if the problem persists.

On the PC:

  1. Check that the server is running.
  2. Check that the Access Point is on and working.
  3. Check that the IP addresses are set properly.
  4. Contact us if the problem persists.


First try changing the battery for a new one. If this does not solve the problem, try reloading the labels. If these two do not work, please contact us.

The ScanIt Parts system ships with a standard scanner label. This works for many dealerships, but the label can be customized by contacting us.

First, make sure that the supply cover is securely closed by pushing down on it. Both sides of the cover should be checked to ensure they are properly closed. If this does not fix the problem, turn the gun off and remove the labels. There are two printer sensors: one underneath the roll of labels and one on the flap where the labels come out. They look like little back squares with a tinted window. Verify that the printer sensors are clean. If they are not, use some rubbing alcohol to clean them. Then reload the labels carefully. If the problem is still occurring, the printer head may be damaged and need to be repaired. Please contact us.

We carry the group number in our database files, and customized labels can be made for a modest cost.

On the gun:

  1. Check that labels are loaded OVER the silver bar.
  2. Try a fully charged battery (this may require a stylus reboot for 6039s).
  3. Contact us if the problem persists.

On the gun:

  1. Try a fully charged battery.
  2. Check that labels are loaded OVER the silver bar.
  3. Clean black dot sensors.
  4. Firmly close lid and press “CTRL + R” (reprint label).
  5. Contact us if the problem persists.

Battery is too low to print, insert a fully charged battery and press “CTRL + R” (reprint label), 6039s may also require a reboot with the stylus. Contact us if the problem persists.

To reprint the last label printed, press “Hot Key” or “CTRL + R”.

To print Bin Labels or Bar Code labels, press “Hot Key” or “CTRL + B”.

To get a Bin Label to come out for every part, press “Hot Key” and “Turn Print Mode ON” or “CTRL + P”. To turn it off, just press the key sequence again.

Interfacing with your DMS

ScanIt Parts connects to the DMS thru standard network protocols. Depending on the DMS provider, the software will communicate thru an API or a dealership approved access.

Parts scanned at the receiving dock are automatically receipted into the DMS under the correct Order number.

Presently, it interfaces with RNR, CDK, DealerTrack, AutoMate, AutoSoft, and Dominion. See Dealer Management Systems for details.

Installation and Setup

See Hardware for more detail.

  1. PC Server (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Professional required)
  2. Access Point (data receiver) with antenna for the Scanner unit to connect to
  3. Scanner unit with radio frequency (wireless) capabilities

No, but we suggest that it be on a dedicated machine to maximize the efficiency of the scanning and printing services.

The access point installed at the dealership connects to the central server using standard Ethernet cabling and uses the TCP/IP protocol. Because this is a standard connection, many security techniques, including a firewall, can be used to protect the transfer within and outside of a dealership. The ScanIt Parts system does not use any proprietary transmission methods.

Yes. The ScanIt Parts system was designed from the start to handle very large inventories. The system can handle thousands of open order lines at any one time.

No. ScanIt Parts can cover a 100,000 square foot warehouse, you may need to purchase multiple antennas to cover the complete warehouse.

The scanner guns will communicate approximately 500 ft. from the access points (this is a radius coverage). If multiple access points are added, the access points will automatically overlap coverage without any special setup.

This will not be a problem. ScanIt Parts was designed to allow for hundreds of concurrent scanners.

No. You should never be able to “overload” the system because of the scanners. Since the ScanIt Parts system is PC based, if the scanner ever starts to slow down, a simple upgrade to the hardware on the PC may be required. Things that will improve the speed and stability of the system are increased memory and increased storage space. If you notice your system running slowly, it could also be an anti-virus program interfering or too many programs running at one time.

We have several dealerships scanning this volume or higher per day. It is rare for a dealership to require more than four scanners.

Software Issues

Restart the server and see if the error happens again. If the error occurs again please contact us.

If a part does not go into the DMS, there are a few different reasons:

  1. The part could not be found on order.
  2. The part number that you have is different than the one on order.
  3. The quantity that you have is different than that on order.
  4. The control number could be wrong.
  5. The Interact window must always be open and running.

Run the “Over/Short Analysis” report. This report will tell you the shipment number and status on each part.

Type the part number in using the scanner keyboard. Press enter to receive the part into inventory.

This is a common problem, and is due to the limited number of sessions or ports you purchased from your DMS. Try to connect with your direct connection and it will give the same error until a session/port is available. While you may have plenty of sessions/ports, it is very likely that several people on your network are running multiple applications that use up those sessions/ports. Have some of them close down a connection or two and Interact should automatically connect.

 Run repair tool. On your PC: Go to “Start”, “All Programs”, “ScanIt Parts”, “Tools”, “Repair Tables”. If repair tool does not run or solve the error message, please contact us.

If you are not getting shipment or invoice data, check your connection to If you have a connection to their website, try a manual pull under the Get Data and reset the date.

Reboot PC, if error persists, IT will need to allow for read/write access. Something in sharing/security permissions changed on the server side.

Reboot PC and try launching Interact again. Contact us if the problem persists.