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Getting a Scanner Fixed

How To - Get a Scanner Fixed

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Always contact IPS first before shipping equipment! If you experience a problem with your scanner unit or program, please call technical support for assistance. We can often resolve the problem by phone and avoid shipping equipment.

1. In-House Repairs

If your scanner requires in-house repairs, we will ship you a loaner unit to use while we troubleshoot your problem. When you receive the loaner, please make sure no damage occurred in shipping. Turn the unit on and test the scanning, printing, and display functions.

In-House Scanner Repairs

2. Pack & Ship

Once you are sure the loaner unit functions properly, please pack your scanner in the loaner packaging. Remove any labels or batteries from your scanner and insert it into the protective plastic bag.

Our shipping address is

ScanIt Parts
8210 S. Saginaw St.  
Grand Blanc, MI 48439


3. Provide Timely Information

While you are using the loaner, please notify us immediately if you encounter the same problem for which your scanner is being repaired. Any information you provide us will make repairs much quicker.

Provide Timely Information

4. Receive & Return

Once your scanner is fixed, we will ship it back to you. Please make sure your repaired scanner functions properly before returning the loaner. When you are certain your scanner unit functions properly, repackage the loaner unit with any other required equipment and return it to ScanIt Parts.

5. Reach Out

If at any point in the process you have questions, please contact technical support and a technical specialist will be happy to assist you.

Reach Out