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ScanIt Parts Hardware

6057 Barcode scanners

Monarch 6057 Barcode Scanner

The ScanIt Parts® scanning system uses the Avery Pathfinder 6057 scanner to scan all parts that come into the warehouse and uses the latest Microsoft Windows CE technology. With a large screen, you can view items in bright colors, plus it uses a touch screen utilizing the same technology as today’s cell phones. Furthermore, the Pathfinder 6057 has a built-in thermal printer, which is used to print barcode and non-barcode labels. By having the scanner and printer as one-piece there are no cables or belt printers to worry about. Also the scanner and printer share the same battery, reducing battery equipment in the parts department.

Motorola MC9090 Barcode Scanner

The ScanIt Parts® scanning system uses the Motorola MC9090 scanner to scan parts for functions that require little or no printing. Light weight, durability and a long battery life make the Motorola MC9090 ideal for physical inventory or extreme conditions. Having a large touch screen allows you to view items in bright colors.

Optional desktop printer is available.