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How To - Install a Client Machine

First, locate your ScanIt Parts ‘Server’. To identify the Server, first look for the SIP icon on the desktop of the computer. If there is not an icon, then ScanIt Parts is not on the computer. If there is an icon, open the Main Menu and locate the Interact button. If there is an Interact button, this computer is the Server. If there is not an Interact button, this is a Client.

Part 1 – Setting up the Server for Sharing

  1. Click the Start Button on the Server.
  2. Type ‘cmd’ and select Enter.
  3. In the box that opens up, type ‘ipconfig’ and select Enter.
  4. Write down the IP address listed next to ipv4 (This is the Server IP referenced below).
  5. Click on the Start Button again.
  6. Type ‘This PC’ and select Enter.
  7. Double Click on the ‘C’ drive.
  8. Go to Users > Public > IPS > ScanIt Parts.
  9. Right-Click on the ScanIt Parts Folder and select Properties.
  10. Click on the Sharing
  11. Make sure the ScanIt Parts folder says ‘Shared’.
        *Note:  If the folder does not say Shared, contact your IT.

Part 2 – Installing the Client

(Shown in Image)

Installing a client machine step 2

(Shown in Image)

Enter The Server IP address

(Shown in Image)

Open the client folder

(Shown in Image)

Click install the client exe